Server/Cluster Specification

Boost read & write performance through write-ahead-logging (WAL) and metadata offload (DB) to SSD media.

Storage Configuration

Compression % indicates the amount of additional usable capacity is gained due to data compression. If the data is pre-compressed such as images, video or pre-encrypted files set this to 0%.
Reserved free-space (backfill space) indicates the amount of space that will not be used in order to avoid performance degradation and ensure uptime in the event of a server outage.
Reserved drive slots indicates the percentage of drive bays per system that should remain empty for future expansion.

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Rack Summary

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Setting Value
Data Devices (per server)
Journal/Metadata SSDs (per server)
Rack Space Required
Usable Capacity
Usable w/ Compression
Raw Capacity
Estimated Power Req
Estimated Power Cost/mo
Estimated HW Cost
HW Price/TB (raw)
MSRP SW Price/TB/yr (raw)
HW+SW+PW/GB/mo (usable)

Server Specification

Device Specification